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  • Installing Log2Timeline on Ubuntu 12.10()Blog)

  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective People By Steven Covey(Books)
    "Learn something new everytime I re-read this book."

  • Blood Theme by Daniel Licht (Music))
    "Been watching way too much Dexter..."

  • The Remaining
    D.J. Molles (Books)

  • The Majesty of Calmness
    By William George Jordan (Books)

  • Cross between Fargo, Holmes, and Pete 'Maverick' Mitchell (Random)

  • The Courage To Face Ingratitude
    By William George Jordan (Tao)

  • Mt. Yonah (photo)

  • Lost Cause by Beck

  • Mr. T & Nancy Reagan Christmas.(Random)

  • Miyamoto Mushashi Wallpaper (Tao)

  • Men, the Mission, and Me
    by Pete Blaber (Books)

  • InfoSec Jobs(Blog)

  • Collaborative Pentest with EC2 + Armitage (Blog)

  • Great Ambient Soundtrack (music)

  • Portable Encrypted Storage Using Android SmartPhone (Blog)

  • Egyptian Funeral Mask (Photo)

  • Free InfoSec Training Resources (Blog))

  • FrogLogic Field Manual
    by David Rutherford(Books)